Nutropic® bar - Little brain callout

Your brain is your most important 'muscle'. And functions best when you feed it the fuel it needs to thrive.

Because you only get out, what you put in.

But life moves fast. Convenience is king. And our eating habits suffer.

Studies show that nutrition in our diet is at an all-time low.

Most people are deficient in at least one essential brain nutrient most of the time. Losing valuable daily brainpower.

We believe inferior brain power = untapped human potential.


Nutropic® bar with an idea callout

So we developed the Nutropic® bar. The world's smartest brain food.

Making it easy to get the daily nutrition-hit our brain needs. Anywhere. Anytime.

Available in four delicious natural flavours, every bar is made with premium Norwegian black oats. And packed with essential brain nutrients - omega-3, phosphatidylserine, choline, vitamins, minerals and gut-healthy prebiotic fibre.

This is fast food. Done properly.

Uncap your full potential - one bite at a time.